In the blink of an eye, every young woman’s dream flashes into reality. Clad with the aura of sophistication and elegance, these gowns were stitched to embody the beautiful transformation of a bride. A classic take on designs and pieces that personifies the aura of every heart that is bound for their fairytale wedding. This collection sets a look.

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Custom Made Gowns

These custom made gowns radiate each woman’s persona. From rich graphics and intricacy, the designs show off a strong façade that has creative blend of feminity and. A strong edge. Every piece, every creation has a touch of a woman’s individuality and tenacity that can strike every passing eye.



Romantic feminism, youthful charm and intricacy are the first things you will notice when you see a wedding gown designed by Kat Padilla. She grew from a freelance novice designer and owner of “Little Imelda”, making baby clothes and shoes to an ambitious wedding gown designer based in Bacolod City, Philippines over 7 years. She is driven by her passion to create stunningly fresh wedding gowns suited to match each of her bride’s personality. Over the past few years, she had designed...

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