About Us

Romantic feminism, youthful charm and intricacy are the first things you will notice when you see a wedding gown designed by Kat Padilla. She grew from a freelance novice designer and owner of “Little Imelda”, making baby clothes and shoes to an ambitious wedding gown designer based in Bacolod City, Philippines over 7 years. She is driven by her passion to create stunningly fresh wedding gowns suited to match each of her bride’s personality.

Over the past few years, she had designed more than 200 wedding gowns and more than 500 evening pieces, each were intricately handmade and beaded by her amazing team, which started when she decided to create her sister’s wedding gown back in 2013. Her humble beginnings caught the social media which made her decide to create more timeless pieces.

Raised by a religious family, her childhood years was exposed with the creative process on how to make dresses for iconic symbols. She also came from a neighborhood where shoe making is popular in almost every house. She was exposed with creativity and careful craftsmanship of traditional artists at a very young age of 3.

With a goal to launch her first ready-to-wear collection, she recently decided to create her first 12-piece collection for 2018 and she strives to go global in the years to come.


East coast

Anastasia Bashioum

West coast

Farina Divinagracia