November 9, 2017


What is the price range of your wedding gowns?

For RTW, our starting price is at 25K.

For Custom made gowns – Mostly, it would depend on the intricacy and complexity of the design. There may be commonalities between several gowns in terms of design but not in material.  We consider the budget of each customer for their wedding gown so if the bride has a specific budget, she may negotiate with us for possible price adjustment. Most of the time, our gowns’ average prices range from 30,000 php to 60,000 php. The prices may be bigger or smaller on certain circumstances.

We are able to achieve the look and design of a gown for a price range that we will offer. It may depend on the intricacy of the beadworks, design, material…etc. and how it can fit into your budget. We can adjust the amount of beads for the beadwork but the coverage of lace will remain the same as the pictures you may be sending or design that I may sketch out for you. Adjusting the lace/ embroidery coverage will also adjust the price. Here in our Atelier, we do our best to accommodate all of our brides’ requests as long as the materials are readily available; but we assure you that most of the time, they are. Take note that we don’t copy designs. Your pictures that you will be sending will just serve as inspirations of the cut and the coverage of details.

Prices are in Philippine Peso. For overseas clients, the price depends on the currency exchange upon the date of payment. Refer to

Shipping, taxes and other charges are not included.


Do you offer wedding packages?

We do not offer packages. Each gown is quoted individually. The starting price for entourage gowns and other evening dresses starts at 5,000 Php.


How much lead time do you need?

RTW- 2 months is a comfortable time, sooner than that is considered rush but may be negotiated.

Custom made – The safest is 6 months before but we can accept rush orders depending on the season. Most of the time we can still accept orders 1-2 months prior.


What are the other products that you make?

Suits (Philippine based clients only)

Bridal robes

Wedding Accessories package

  • 1 ring pillow
  • 1 pillow with arrhae
  • 2 candles
  • 2 lighters
  • secondary sponsor veil
  • beaded cord
  • garter
  • bridal pouch
  • bible cover


Where can I see samples? Where is your shop?

Our shop is located at Maanyag 1, Alijis, Bacolod City. For a more visual description, please refer to the map in our contact page.

You may see some of the gowns we have in various stages of completion, and our available RTW pieces. We are currently working on having a US Retailer, but for now you may contact our US Sales assistant, Anastasia Bashioum through for the pricing and processing of orders from US-based clients.

  • For orders outside Bacolod but within the Philippines, we are on the process of expanding as of the moment. For now, we can accommodate Manila-based clients based on our schedule and upon request. You may contact us for more information.


How do I schedule an appointment?

You may contact us thru our facebook page

Or Text us through

Mobile: (+63) 09985701280



For East Coast

Anastasia Bashioum


For West Coast



What is the Order process?

RTW – Usually comes at one piece per design. We will adjust the dress for you, free of charge as long as you fit the seam allowances. Doing 1 piece per design ensures that your wedding gown is unique. For bigger body frames, we can customize a different gown for you almost the same as the RTW that you have chosen. For Bacolod based clients, you may directly contact us for more information.


CUSTOM – Please directly contact us to schedule an appointment thru our FB page

or email and send your design preferences, wedding date and other information directly to


I am overseas but I want to be a kat padilla bride, How do I go about it?

RTW – You may email directly for the measurement guide. We will require you to send your complete and full body measurements, including your exact gown length with shoes on. We will also require you to pay reservation fee of P 10,000. After that, we will be sending you fitting garments, free of charge. (Take note that the fitting garment is not the gown yet. It is just the measuring guide to ensure a perfect fit of your RTW dress from us.)

We will be assisting you with the process through skype or facetime. We will also inform you of the target date of delivery and shipping charges. We will be able to accommodate your inquiries as well.

CUSTOM MADE – Email your full body picture wearing fitted tank top and leggings, design preferences, wedding details (date, location, theme, etc.), budget for your gown so we can consider it. We will be sending you a rough sketch of your gown and upon approval, we will be sending a contract and a measurement guide to measure your body and a down payment of 10,000.00 Php is required upon reservation of schedule. Reserving a schedule doesn’t mean we will make your gown right away because we follow a certain schedule to accommodate all brides that has previously reserved. You may request to have your gown early but be sure you have a place to store them while waiting for your wedding day. 50% is required during the second fitting, most of the time it is one to two months before your wedding.

For brides who cannot do the fitting, we will be sending you a fitting garment for possible alterations. We choose the cheapest international shipping courier which is the Philippine Post Office EMS (Express Mail Service) that takes about 10-15 working days to arrive. This is free of charge (one time only). We can also ship it through DHL or FedEx at a higher shipping cost (arrives about 4-5 business days) but is charged to the client (this applies to rush orders).


Is Shipping cost included?
During fitting, we may need to send you fitting garments. This is free (one time only). The final shipping of the finished gown however is not included.


What is your product guarantee?
The Kat Padilla Team carefully handcrafts your dresses in the Philippines. We do not outsource because this helps us maintain a 100% satisfaction rating since 2013. Should you be dissatisfied with your order, we will either repair or replace your order – at our discretion. There is no refund for partial payments or cancelled orders.


What forms of payment are accepted?
For both custom-made gowns and RTW gowns, we accept cash and bank deposit. You may ask for our bank details if you want to make a transfer or direct deposit.
Credit card payment is accepted through Paypal. A verified Paypal account is required.